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Make the Right Decision When Looking for Replacement Windows and Doors For Your Santa Paula, CA Home

Have you ever heard that the gateway to a person’s soul is through their eyes? A person’s eyes can tell a great deal about them. Your eyes could tell other people about your honesty, integrity, any particular experiences you had in your life, and much more. Experienced con artists often look at a person’s eyes to evaluate them and include that in their assessment of body language and much more.

Santa Paula CA Replacement Windows

When it comes to the soul of your home, the windows can be considered the gateway to that aspect of your house. Is that relative or really all that important? It could be, depending on your perspective.

When you think about it, the moment you step into your house and close the door, the only way you are connected to the outside will directly is through those windows. They provide an opportunity to see what going on outside, connect you to nature, your neighbors, and much more.

Sure, you could consider the phone, computer and Internet access, and other technologies as ways to connect, but at the bare essential, it is actually your entry doors and windows that connected to the world around you.

The power of windows.

When you’re talking about windows in any house, they can have a direct impact on the comfort and even value of the house. If you remember the time you were shopping around for homes, you may have seen a number of different houses on the market. What was your perception of them when you walked in? Many realtors admonish homeowners to keep their homes clean, filter out as much ‘stuff’ as possible, and strip them down to the bare essentials. The greatest appeal of any home are those that have absolutely no furniture in them, no pictures hanging on the walls, and no window treatments.

That’s because it provides the potential homeowner an opportunity to envision what they would lay the house out like and to directly see the kind of sunlight and condition of the walls, floors, and even the windows.

For most people, the minute they step into a house they will notice one of two things: either the lighting or the windows. People naturally are drawn to the outside world, even when they first step into a new house.

That’s the power of windows; they connect you to the outside world and have a significant impact on how people feel when they are in the house. They will also likely have a direct impact on your comfort and enjoyment of living at home.

They can transform any room in the house.

When you have an opportunity to purchase replacement windows, you have an opportunity to completely transform any and all rooms in your house. For example, you may have two double hung windows in the master bedroom that overlook the backyard, the garden you have built up through the years, and maybe even some rolling hills in the distance.

Those double hung windows may not be taking full advantage of that incredible view. A gorgeous oversized picture window may do more justice for that particular view and room.

You may have a third bedroom that was converted into an office that also has two small double hung windows side-by-side. You may feel cramped within that space and wish you could at least feel like you had more room.

Replacing the double hung windows with a gorgeous bay or bow window could do just that. Both bay and bow windows extend out away from the house, providing the illusion of more space in just about any room. It would also capitalize on a great view beyond those windows.

Consider those views.

You may not think much about the views beyond your windows, but what would happen if you spent an entire month in your home without opening the blinds or window curtains at all? What if you kept them closed the entire month?

More likely than not you would begin to experience a kind of depressive attitude, missing out on sunlight and the connection those windows provide for you to the outside world.

Windows offer the illusion of having more space within the home. That’s why so many finer homes in the area actually have much larger windows and window spaces. There are many incredible views throughout Santa Paula and the rest of the region that if you you’re not taking advantage of it, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity.

Think about privacy.

When you have large windows, you’re more exposed to the outside world and your neighbors. This can cause some people to be concerned about privacy. With higher quality windows, especially windows that have special film coating over them, they could ensure greater privacy and security.

Having blinds, curtains, or other window treatment options, including interior wood shutters, you can improve privacy even more, especially if you have greater window space in certain rooms throughout the house.

Energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is a term that is commonly used to refer to any product or item in your house or business that could save you money on utility bills month after month, year after year.

Even though we don’t have to deal with incredibly harsh winters in Santa Paula, the sun during the spring, summer, and autumn months can be incredibly intense. That can generate a great deal of heat throughout the house. Relying on low-e film coating can help cut back on up to 80 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation which is responsible for the heat generated inside your house.

Making the right decision about any replacement windows or entry doors begins by choosing the right company.

At Quality Windows and Doors, we have been helping homeowners just like you understand the benefits and value of windows throughout their home. It is the commonly overlooked aspect and one of the top few home improvement projects that can actually boost overall and assessed values for most homes, at least when the homeowner chooses quality products.

Quality Windows and Doors was founded in 1980 and has since expanded from a one-man operation operating out of the garage to having two showrooms, one in Oxnard and one in Santa Barbara, with over 30 highly experienced, knowledgeable, and friendly employees.

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