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How to Select the Right Replacement Windows and Doors in Santa Barbara, CA

Replacement Windows and Doors Santa Barbara, CA

The right company is going to provide you the best selection of the highest quality products on the market. The right company should also offer you a range of options, from vinyl windows to wood windows, from casements to picture windows, from bay windows to double hung windows, and much more. Our service teams cover all of Ventura County, Santa Barbara, Malibu and Los Angeles. For immediate assistance, you can call us at (805) 564-7600.

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As a consumer today, there has never been a time in history when there have been so many choices. The variety of products out there to help us meet our needs are seemingly endless. Buying replacement windows and doors in Santa Barbara, CA is no different. With so many product options to choose from, how do you know which products you should buy?

While every home or business owner’s needs are different, there are some key points that you should review before making any purchase decision. Here at Quality Windows & Doors, we recommend you keep the following five things in mind as you shop for the solution that will best meet your needs:

1. Security and Safety Matters

Reputable window and door manufacturing companies will always make your security and safety a priority. As a consumer, it’s a good idea only to buy those window and door products that meet industry forced entry testing standards. Testing includes a performance review to determine how well a window or door will hold up under the stressful conditions like those that might occur in a home invasion. The materials, hardware, frame, and design are all evaluated to make sure they can withstand reasonable measures of force against an intrusion attempt.

Another point of safety that should be reviewed is the product ease of use. This may not seem like a safety concern, but a window that is too difficult or unintuitive to open could be cause for concern. For example, in an emergency such as a house fire, if a person is not able to escape the danger, they could lose their life.

2. Product Efficiency of Energy

The highest quality replacement windows and doors in Santa Barbara, CA will always be Energy Star rated products. Energy Star is an efficiency program promoted by the U.S. Environmental Agency and the Department of Energy. Its purpose is to champion the careful use of our energy resources by creating a performance standard that energy saving or energy consuming products are measured against.

As a consumer in the marketplace, the Energy Star label indicates that a manufacturer’s products have been tested and meet the efficiency standard. You can trust that the product will perform better, and will help you to reduce your energy bills. Not only will your wallet thank you, but the environment will too.

3. Custom Solutions

These days, you can buy high-quality stock windows and doors made en masse, or you can choose to have them customized to your exact specifications and preferences in style, design, color, material, quality and performance metrics, glass type, size, shape, etc. Whenever a custom-built window or door is needed, our pro team works hand in hand with our customers to design and create their ideal solution. If you have something unique in mind, we can help you to custom build it without sacrificing the safety or efficiency of the final product you want.

4. Installation Know How

Some people want to save a little money by hiring their own general contractor to install their newly purchased windows and doors. This is not necessarily a problem. However, it very well could be a problem down the road if there are any issues with the installation. High-quality windows and door products are created using advanced technology that will only work if they are properly installed.

For your new windows and doors to perform at their potential, it’s important they be installed by a trained professional that is certified for the brand and make of window and door you are replacing in your home. When in doubt, our pro staff here at Quality Windows & Doors can help you to identify whether your preferred contractor is qualified to install your new window or door products. We can also recommend several installers in the area.

5. Warranty Details

Most new windows and doors come with warranty coverage, but be sure you understand the fine print. Some warranties only cover the window or door product itself and not the installation. This is all the more reason to be sure you have a qualified installer that is recognized under your warranty coverage. You may want to ask about this specifically.

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As you look around the marketplace, keep our team at Quality Windows & Doors in mind. With over 10,000 successful installations over the last 30 years, we know a few things about replacement windows and doors in Santa Barbara, CA. You can find us at either of our convenient locations across the valley: 534 N Milpas St. Santa Barbara, California 93103, phone number (805) 564-7600. Or see us at 1430 S Oxnard Blvd. Oxnard, California 93030, phone number (805) 984-5895. Come and see us for a friendly conversation on how we can be of help.

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